By James Arndt, Dec 1 2016 07:38PM

I started back in September, prototyping code for working anti-aircraft guns that shoot around the player while the level progresses. I already had the player controls, weapon systems, health systems, and level scrolling system from previous projects. I need to work out AI pattern system, a culling system, a more extendable weapon upgrade system, weapon and health pickups/upgrades. In this video I walk through a bit of the logic for the enemy AI firing on the player.

By James Arndt, Dec 1 2016 07:34PM

Put up the very fast draft of the GDD some time back in September. Please comment if you have any insight, edits, or anything you feel I may have missed. I'm really looking for input.

Will need to update this GDD as well. I've decided on a focus shift to Steam on PC for the inital platform. Mobile port may come later depending on reception of the Steam version.

By guest, Dec 1 2016 05:21PM

This is the very first post I've put up on the development blog. I've got a bit of a backlog of some earlier developer diaries that need porting over to here. These consist mostly of Youtube video diaries and posts on social media. If you're reading this it means you've found my little prototype! Thank you for following on through the links and ending up here.